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BETTER quality BiltoNG

We use only Scottish retired dairy cows and Scottish OTM prime beef. While more sustainable, this also provides a more intense flavour and creamier texture than other beef biltong. Building a business with strong sustainable foundations, we are a team of skilled passionate people that share common social, environmental, ethical, and ambitious business principles.

Our Biltong recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. We can even date it back to the Voortrekkers who use to dry their beef under their wagons out of necessity to keep a supply of meat, that would keep for extended periods of time. To be eaten and used in their cooking during their long trek from Cape Town on their eastward migration.

We try and test our Biltong ourselves and believe we are our harshest critics. 


 Committed to giving people a healthier choice of snacking pleasure, with our Biltong in various forms. Made the age-old traditional way of curing and spicing our 100% Scottish Beef in drying chambers. As close to our cows as possible, limiting the need for transportation.


We use only the best Scottish beef for a more intense flavour and a uniquely creamy texture.


With over 50g of Protein per 100g, Biltong is the perfect snack for a post workout recovery.


It’s time to say goodbye to crips and sugary snacks. Biltong provides a natural, healthy alternative.